Parent Comments

Praise for Immanuel Valpo Musikgarten
"Your class has been a wonderful blessing for our son and truly a joy for the parents.  Thank you for giving this program your time and amazing talent.  Great work!" --Valpo mom

"This has been a wonderful bonding experience for my daughter and me.  We sing the songs and play her instruments all week long. Now that she's talking more, she is constantly expressing her interest in listening to music." --Mother of a 20 month old
"Musikgarten morning is the highlight of my son's week. Thank you!"--Preschool parent

"You have really had an impact on my children and I want to thank you for that.  Before music class they had never really been exposed to a group setting of children with a teacher.  You have taught them how to listen and sit still, how to wait their turn, and most importantly you have ignited their love of music and dancing.  They have learned about putting things away carefully and also how to let loose and be silly.  You have also been a great example to me of how to redirect misbehavior. . . . Watching your endless patience and way that you work with children has helped me to be a better mom." -- Mother of multiples

"Your class was a neighborhood jewel!  My baby LOVED her first music class with you and we are planning on enrolling in another class."-- Anne

"You did a fabulous job making the families here comfortable with music as a teaching tool. I would definitely have you back in a heartbeat!"--Porter County Public Library (summer program)

"You are an excellent teacher and made it such a wonderful experience for my [daughter and me].  She loves doing the songs at home and showing our family how she dances and sings.  I even use your clean up song to put away stuff at home!" --Valpo mom

"[My daughter] and I have really have enjoyed the Musikgarten CD this week.  I think we listened to "When Cats Wake up in the Morning" about 20 times tonight.  She kept saying 'Again, again!' " --Kate
"Musikgarten morning is the highlight of my son's week. Thank you!"--Preschool parent

"You have been an exceptional instructor for these young musicians (and us adults)!"--Valpo mother

"Thank you for helping our children love music!" mother of baby, toddler, and preschooler

"We are blessed to have known you and we so appreciate the impact you have had on our son." --Mother of a preschooler

"The teacher is very gifted!  She leads a wonderful class and I liked the Musikgarten curriculum so much that we are [continuing] this season . . . . It's such a joy to watch my daughter develop.  Once again, thank you for laying a great foundation and introducing us to Musikgarten!" --  Atlanta mom

"Thank you so very much for all the effort you made with our children. You instilled the joy of music in them, which is a lifelong gift." -- Mother of three

"We  love singing and dancing and learning to appreciate music under your guidance! We enjoy learning from you and from the music in our now substantial Musikgarten library. THANK YOU." --Mother in Toddler Class

"I love the curriculum and my kids love the classes. The teacher is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. My kids and I enjoy being part of the classes."--T. Mother of two

"We have LOVED listening to the CD this week and playing our new instrument.  Thanks so much--look forward to seeing you next time!"  -- Ali

"One great aspect of the class is a recognition that not every student is up for doing the same thing and will interact in different ways." -- Nicole

"Musikgarten has been great.  My 6 month old son loves coming to class and singing/listening to the songs and dancing. The babies love this class!" --  Ashley

"We love the CD and listen to it often." -- Atlanta mom

"Our girls truly look forward to class every week. Thank you for a wonderful class!"  -- VaHi mother of two

"Our four year old son has been in Musikgarten for a couple years.  He sings a lot, and on pitch, and with a steady beat!  It's been a joy listening to him grow." --Andrew, Atlanta

"We are already looking forward to continuing classes next semester!"--Parent of Preschooler

"Thank you for your dedication to our children's musical education!"  --Parent of piano students